Over the years, Bamas Srl – Shipping and forwarding agency has gained solid experience in the field of international land, sea and air shipments, customs consultancy and all other port operations.

Our operational structure is based on

  • an operational office located within the Port of Bari, in direct contact with the offices of the Customs Agency, the Guardia di Finanza, the Border Police, the Air Maritime Health and Border Health Offices;
  • qualified and professional staff: five in-house resources, two of whom are licensed Customs Agents, therefore authorised to act in Customs on behalf of the owner of the goods, and three of whom are qualified to act as Maritime Agents;
  • a valid and modern computerised writing and information system that facilitates operational activities, allows us to offer a fast service with a consequent reduction in the waiting time required to release the goods and provides real-time knowledge of the legal regulations at the basis of the complex and articulated customs matter.

Our company’s activities have diversified over the years, touching on every commodity sector, and we are currently able to provide maritime and customs consultancy and assistance in various aspects, such as

  • management of maritime transport of goods in bulk and containers;
  • innovative integrated maritime and land logistics services;
  • management of goods loading/unloading services in the maritime domain;
  • support within the port operational cycle;
  • procedural aspects linked to the various import-export operations.

Our years of experience in the maritime and customs sectors certainly allow us to offer our clients a highly professional and timely service in the completion of the bureaucratic formalities connected with international trade.